Seizing Opportunities

And Finding Balance

Originating from Galway-Ireland, Gerard had a big year in 2016: He launched his business, received the New Entrepreneur of the Year award in Brussels, was interviewed by local press and became a father.
For this entrepreneur with little time to spare, it’s all about making things simple and finding a good balance.

Every Experience
is Valuable

Gerard just turned 28 years old and launched his business not so long ago. It all started ten months earlier when after a college degree in Health & Safety, the hotel he had been working for during eight years closed down.

Seeing this arising opportunity, Gerard knew this was what he wanted to do.

Once launched, the Gerard-Rocket was unstoppable. When asked what he thought made him climb up the steps so fast he can’t help but notice the positive influence of his hotel work: “Although I had no experience in sales or marketing, the coaching aspect of the job really helped me to get where I wanted. It came very naturally and I think it’s due to the fact that I did a lot of coaching when I was working at the hotel.”

“I met Brendan through the BA website. A twenty-year-old lad who was already managing his own business. That’s when it struck me: I got into wondering what it would take to get myself into his position.”


Step by Step
with Mutual Support

It only took a few months before Gerard went from working for himself to running his own company and receiving the New Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 award, underlining the incredible amount of work and involvement he put in his project over the past months. A big boost also came from the help given by the BA community around Europe: “The thing is that any question I have or problem I face, more experienced people in the industry already know how to face it. It’s clearly a win in terms of time and effort gained. And I try to do it myself as well. For example, just before the awards in Belgium, I sent three of my guys in Lille (France), so they could learn from BAs over there.”

Making Things Simple

When asked about his strengths and how he manages to run his office, Gerard has three words: Making Things Simple.

“It’s definitely one of my biggest strengths. I think I give people solutions. Regarding the guidance or feedback I would ever have for someone, I’m never emotional about it. Comments are never personal, they’re just there to help people and guide them as much as possible.”

Finding Balance &
Planning the Future

Having a ten-month old baby is huge. “I have an understanding partner that realises that I don’t work a nine-to-five job but the rewards we get back are worth it. I have to balance work and family: when I’m at home I spend time with my family and when I’m at work it’s all about work.” For the coming years, Gerard would like to focus on recruitment for his second office and eventually expanding his business to Europe. And if he has one single advice for new and future BAs: “Be honest with yourself and if you give 100%, what you can achieve in this industry is more than any other industry I’ve seen.”


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